Tractors (40 total)

23 Dry Bulk Blowers
11 with Vacuum Pumps
5 Flats

1 Winch Truck

Vacuum Trailers (11)
Vacuum 11 Tractor Trailers 130 BBL
Vacuum 2 (5) axle Straight 100 BBL

Vacuum 2 (4) axle Straight 100 BBL

"Water tanks and load appropriate BBL to max gross weight" 

Dry Bulk Trailers (30)
33 – 1000 cu Aluminum

Flatbed Trailers (9)
5 Flat Beds

1 53' Step Deck

3 Double Drop 

Consistent Quality

At Bessemer Supply we strive to get better ever day. Whether it's tuning truck engines to reduce emissions and increase efficiency or repurposing used engine oil to heat the mechanic shop, we are always looking out for our next chance to improve our service and impress our customers.